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Chloe Symonds Age: How Old Is Andrew Symonds’ Daughter?



Chloe Symonds Age: Andrew Symonds’ first daughter is Chloe Symonds. Unfortunately, her parents divorced a year after they married. Following the divorce, her father raised her.

The name of Chloe’s younger brother is unknown. Andrew used to post images of his children on social media when he was alive.

Chloe Symonds Age

Andrew Symonds’ family
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Because she is still young and her personal life has been kept hidden from the public, there isn’t much to say about Chloe.

How Old Is Andrew Symonds’ Daughter?

Because Chloe Symonds’ birth date is uncertain, determining her age is tricky. However, Chloe is a little girl who desires to one day be like her father.

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