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Chethana Raj Husband: Was Chethana Raj Married? Who Was Chethana Raj’s Boyfriend?



Chethana Raj Husband

Chethana Raj Husband: Chethana Raj, the late Kannada actress, appears to be single and has no known lover.

However, contradictory sources claim that the 21-year-old actress married for love in December 2018 without the support of any of her family members.

Chethana Raj Husband

Ravi, a co-actor, is said to be her love-spouse. Both celebs have a YouTube channel dedicated to love-related topics that they run jointly.

Photo Credit: Hindisip

What Happened To Chethana Raj?

Raj died of a heart attack as a result of complications after a liposuction procedure performed at a private hospital in Rajajinagar, Bengaluru.

Govinda Raj, her father, claimed that his daughter died as a result of neglect because her lungs were full with water, causing breathing difficulties.

Govinda bemoaned the lack of sufficient amenities in the ICU.

“My daughter died as a result of the hospital’s incompetence. The medics operated without parental consent and without the necessary equipment.”

“My daughter appeared to be in good health. She was in perfect health. She had accompanied her companions to the hospital.

“I will file a lawsuit against the hospital administration,” he stated.

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