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Chat and Get Paid in Nigeria (Websites That Pay Daily)

Chat and Get Paid in Nigeria (Websites That Pay Daily)

Chat and Get Paid in Nigeria: Are you on the hunt for trustworthy online paid survey platforms in Nigeria that enable you to earn money using your smartphone?

If your answer is YES, then this article is precisely what you need to delve into today.

To begin…

Chat and Get Paid in Nigeria

Each day, numerous survey participants generate income by participating in paid online surveys.

Online survey organizations rely on survey takers, individuals like yourself, to complete questionnaires and provide genuine feedback to market research firms.

Your insights play a pivotal role in aiding companies and brands in the development of improved products and services.

As a token of appreciation for participating in online paid surveys, you have the opportunity to earn rewards.

The top survey websites typically provide a range of options for redeeming your rewards.

Common payout choices include gift cards for Google Play, Amazon, a prepaid Visa credit card, or the option to transfer funds to your PayPal account.

Are Paid Survey Websites a Scam?

Companies, brands, and organizations around the globe are continually seeking the insights of individuals like yourself to influence the development of new products and refine their marketing strategies.

They rely on survey companies for market research, leveraging a worldwide test market to gather reliable data.

If you spend time online and enjoy sharing your opinions, participating in paid surveys can serve as a rewarding side hustle, allowing you to earn extra income while assisting these companies.

For anyone looking to supplement their income, participating in paid online survey websites in Nigeria can be a valuable endeavor, with some of these platforms being reputable.

Paid online survey sites operate on a simple premise: participants answer questions or complete tasks online and receive compensation for their time.

However, is it an effortless source of income? Regrettably, no.

While some paid online survey sites can be worthwhile, it’s essential to keep a few guidelines in mind to maximize your experience:

  • Most survey sites offer free registration, although some may require a nominal fee. Be sure to only invest in a legitimate online survey site if fees are involved.
  • Avoid relying solely on income from survey sites.
  • Maintain realistic expectations regarding time investment. While filling out a survey may sound quick, some surveys can take as long as 15 or even 20 minutes.
  • Don’t anticipate rapid payment. It can often take days or even weeks before you accumulate enough points or earnings to cash out.
  • Exercise caution not to dedicate excessive time to survey sites. It’s advisable to seek alternative employment opportunities that offer more substantial compensation.
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Should You Try to Make Money with Paid Online Surveys in Nigeria?

In my personal opinion, I would advise against it.

However, if you’re determined to proceed, I can provide a brief overview of the most reliable websites and platforms that are designed for Nigerians and offer local payment options for earning money.

Top 3 Sites That Pay Daily in Nigeria

These are the top websites that offer daily payouts in real money for users in Nigeria.

3. Grammarly

Sites that pay daily in nigeria Chat and Get Paid in Nigeria (Websites That Pay Daily)

As the name implies, Grammarly is a software designed to automatically identify and correct grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, word choices, punctuation issues, and more.

Grammarly employs advanced algorithms to pinpoint potential errors within text and offers context-based corrections for grammar, spelling, usage, style, punctuation, and even plagiarism.

The main functions of Grammarly include:

  • Grammar checking
  • Suggests proper punctuation
  • Error-free writing
  • Suggest word substitutes for quality writing

Grammarly serves a diverse global audience, including students, professionals, job seekers, language learners, and anyone who writes in English.

If you aspire to join Grammarly’s affiliate program to earn income, your chances are highest when your content aligns with Grammarly’s mission, remains well-maintained, current, and suitable.

It’s worth noting that Grammarly is a free product, so affiliates can generate substantial earnings without the need for aggressive sales tactics.

Participating in Grammarly’s affiliate program is straightforward: you place either a tracking text link or a banner on your website (or in your email, e-book, social profile, etc.), and we compensate you each time a referred user signs up for and installs Grammarly.

Grammarly’s Affiliate Program offers three payment methods: check (exclusive to US residents), bank wire, or direct deposit.

For non-US residents, bank wire payments are exclusively available in USD. Therefore, ensure your bank account can accept USD if you are located outside the US.

Please be aware that Grammarly does not process payments through PayPal.


websites that pay daily in nigeria Chat and Get Paid in Nigeria (Websites That Pay Daily)

ATiCLIX functions as a PTC (Paid to Click) platform, acting as a bridge between advertisers and consumers.

Advertisers utilize ATiCLIX to showcase their ads, while users like you can leverage ATiCLIX to view these advertisements and earn money in the process.

Beyond serving as a free advertising platform, ATiCLIX extends its offerings to include various services such as paid surveys, paid video viewing, and paid offer sign-ups.

In essence, ATiCLIX provides an avenue for you to generate additional income through your online activities.

Since its inception in 2020, ATiCLIX has amassed a membership of over 150,257 individuals and disbursed more than $2 million since March 2020. is actively seeking individuals from around the globe to earn income by clicking on ads.

To be eligible for opportunities on the website, you must be at least 18 years old and reside in a country where English is the primary language.

The website is currently welcoming participants from countries including the United States, Nigeria, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Kenya, New Zealand, and several others across the world.

How to Earn Money on

Here are the methods through which you can earn money on

  • You can earn rewards by participating in surveys.
  • offers numerous contests with cash prizes, and members can also receive compensation for promoting the site.
  • You can get paid for both promoting and surfing on the platform.
  • By referring others to ATiCLIX, you can earn from their activities on the site.
  • There are lucrative opportunities, including trivia quizzes, app downloads, and more.
  • You also receive bonuses for completing various tasks on this platform.

How Can I Earn Money?

  • Begin by registering for your free account.
  • Upon registration, enter your complete name, username, email, password, and other required details.
  • Complete the robot verification process.
  • Tick the box to confirm that you have read and comprehended ATiCLIX’s rules.
  • Lastly, click the ‘Register’ button.
  • Congratulations, you are now prepared to earn money by clicking on ads.
  • Log in to your account and navigate to ‘Earn Money – Offerwalls.’
  • Initiate your earnings by clicking on a minimum of 4 ads. Click on ‘Earn Money’ and then select ‘View
  • Advertisements.’
  • Repeat this process until you have viewed all available ads for the day.

How to Refer and Earn on

Referrals are individuals who have registered on using your provided link.

To access your referral link, visit the ‘My Account’ section and click on ‘Affiliate Banners.’

From there, you can copy the link and commence sharing it.


Here is essential information regarding withdrawals on

  • You can initiate a withdrawal once you’ve reached a balance of $3 for upgraded members or $4 for standard members.
  • facilitates payments through various methods, including Perfect Money, PAYEER, Airtm, Bitcoin, Skrill, and Faucetpay.

To commence the withdrawal process on, access your account and click on “Withdraw Now.”

Then, choose your preferred payment method and proceed with the withdrawal of your earnings.

Please note that if your balance has not yet reached the minimum threshold of $4 or $3, you will not be able to make a withdrawal. Pros

  • Good earning potential.
  • Free earnings without investment.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Good user interface. Cons

  • Referral limits apply to all accounts.
  • No email verification.
  • It can be hard to quickly understand what to do on the site.

To enhance your earnings from ad clicks, make it a habit to visit the site regularly to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities.

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You might also want to opt for the Standard Ads category to have access to a greater number of ads.

Additionally, increasing your participation in surveys can help you qualify for higher payouts.

1. OPay

Paying Sites in Nigeria Chat and Get Paid in Nigeria (Websites That Pay Daily)

OPay stands out as the premier platform for conducting daily tasks to earn money directly credited to your bank account in Nigeria.

OPay operates as a mobile payment and financial services platform, presenting a lucrative referral program to its user base.

This referral program empowers users to generate income by inviting their friends and family to register with OPay.

To partake in the OPay referral initiative, initiate the process by establishing an OPay account and sharing your unique referral link with your acquaintances.

Upon their successful registration via your referral link, you will receive a commission for each referral.

The commission amount is contingent on the number of referrals you’ve garnered and the total amount they transact on the OPay platform.

You have the potential to earn as much as ₦800 for each successful referral.

Locate your OPay referral link by launching the OPay app and navigating to the “Referral” tab, where your unique link will be prominently displayed.

To disseminate your referral link, simply copy and paste it into a text message, email, or social media post.

Your friend will be required to download the OPay app and create an account through your referral link.

Upon successful registration, they will need to complete phone number and identity verification.

Once your friend’s account verification is finalized, you will receive a commission credited to your OPay wallet.

Your OPay wallet can be employed for a myriad of financial activities, including payments, fund transfers, cash withdrawals, as well as the purchase of airtime and data.

The OPay referral program serves as an excellent avenue to augment your income, offering a straightforward and effortless means to introduce your friends and family to the convenience of OPay.

To ensure a seamless experience, kindly familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions associated with the OPay referral program.

  • To participate in the program, you must be a registered OPay user.
  • You can refer up to 100 individuals per month.
  • The commission you receive is contingent on the quantity of referrals you’ve obtained and the monetary transactions they conduct on the OPay platform.
  • Commission earnings will be deposited into your OPay wallet within 7 days of a successful referral.
  • Please be aware that the terms and conditions of the OPay referral program are subject to potential changes.

That concludes our list of reputable websites that offer daily earnings in Nigeria.

What are your thoughts on this compilation of paying sites in Nigeria?

Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.



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