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Charlie Sheen First Wife: Who Is Donna Peele, Actress?



Charlie Sheen First Wife

Charlie Sheen First Wife: Donna Peele is best known for being Charlie Sheen’s first wife.

In July of 1995, Peele and Sheen met in New York while shooting an advertisement for a cigarette company.

According to sources, the couple’s infatuation was immediate, and they began dating right away.

Sheen was in court at the time for his prostitution case with Madam Heidi Fleiss, when he reportedly agreed to supporting her by paying a total of $53,000 in fees.

Sheen and Peele married on September 3, 1995, just six weeks after meeting for the first time.

The marriage, however, only lasted a year until they divorced in 1996. Charlie Sheen First Wife

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Peele ‘disappeared’ after the divorce, since there is no record of her and no information on what she is doing now.

Sheen, on the other hand, has been married twice since his divorce from Peele.

Charlie Sheen First Wife: Who Is Donna Peele, Actress?

In February 2014, Sheen married Brett Rossi, a former adult film star who changed her name to Scottine.

The wedding was scheduled for November 2014, but the couple called off their engagement in October 2014, stating that they had “mutually agreed” to separate.

Sheen said on the split:

“Right now, I’ve determined that my children need my attention more than a romance.” Scotty is still one of my favorite people, and I wish her the best.”

Sheen is the father of five children and one grandson. Charlie Sheen First

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