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Charity Shop Sue: Who Is The YouTube Sensation Taking Over British Comedy?



Charity Shop Sue is a character in a British comedy series, portrayed by Selina Mosinski. The comedy titled Charity Shop Sue showcases Sue as the manager of a charity shop named Sec*Hand Chances in Bulwell, Nottingham.

Charity Shop Sue

Sue taking a selfie. Photo: @charityshopsue
Source: Instagram

The web series, primarily aired on YouTube, is all about Sue Tuke. The 2019 series has 18 episodes so far.

Who is Charity Shop Sue?

Sue Tuke (played by Selina Mosinski) is the manager of a fictional charity shop located in Bulwell, Nottingham, known as Sec*hand Chances. She is portrayed as a former fashion stylist who formerly worked for multiple celebrities in Paris and Milan.

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Tuke is also a former landlady at The Moon and Stars, a local pub. She is a popular figure in her local area due to her former job but is left in a sad state when her ex-husband flees with her savings. Tuke brings her work experience from her previous roles to her work as the charity shop manager.

She is determined to make the charity shop successful by raising its profile and keeping it from being closed. Thus, the self-confident manager asks a student filmmaker to film what goes on at the charity shop, the footage of which is the comedy series.

Sue’s great sense of humor has earned her a large following online. She is active on social media and currently has 113k+ followers on Instagram and 34k+ followers on Twitter. She keeps her audience engaged with funny videos from her charity shop theme.

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Sue with one of her fellow cast members. Photo: @charityshopsue Source: Instagram

Charity Shop Sue actress Selina Mosinski is exceptionally talented and perfect for her role as Sue. Selina is also known for her role in Sky Comedy Christmas Shorts (2015), Charity Shop Sue’s Christmas, her guest appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK (2019), and another guest role in Dragony Aunts (2020).

How old is Selina Mosinski? The talented actress has so far remained behind the shadows of her on-screen roles. Information on her age is not available as of writing.

Selina probably changes her hair to fit best in her character. However, Selina Mosinski real hair has not been revealed.

Charity Shop Sue cast and crew

The main cast members of the comedy web series are Selina Mosinski (as Sue Tuke), Sherrie Johnson (as Kersch Callahan), Joyce Townsley (as Vera Goodard), Nicola Harness (as Viki Wilson), and Alison Darksus (Madalicat363).

The YouTube sitcom was created, written, and produced by Stuart Edwards, Matthew Chesney, and Timothy Chesney. The trio was also the brainchild of Charity Shop Sue’s Christmas that aired on Sky Arts.

The producers of the web series are Mary Kearns, Penny Linfield, and Vicky McClure. Vicky has also played a role as herself in the web series.

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Sue standing in front of a book shelf. Photo: @charityshopsue Source: Instagram

What can be expected of Charity Shop Sue in the future?

The comedy web series has not continued since its 18th episode in November 2019. In an interview with I Am Birmingham, Sue suggested that if the right people did the necessary, the series would continue.

Charity Shop Sue is a humorous character of the self-titled web comedy series. She is also an online sensation with a large following on Instagram and Twitter. Her energy and sense of humor are admirable.

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