Carol Raye Husband: Who Is Engineer Captain Clark Spencer?

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Carol Raye Husband: Carol Raye AM was an Australian actress, film and television producer, and director who was born in the United Kingdom.

Carol was born in London, England, and began her career as a dancer at the age of 16. When she immigrated to Australia with her husband, veterinarian Robert Ayre Smith, in 1964, she was well-known in the United Kingdom as a film and theatrical star.

Her most well-known films include The Young Doctors, Number 96, and SeaChange.

After a successful career as an actor and producer, she created and starred in the television series The Mavis Bramston Show in 1964.

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Her appearances on Graham Kennedy’s Blankety Blanks and The Mike Walsh Show made her a popular favorite in the 1970s.

Carol received the Order of Australia shortly before her death.

Carol Raye passed away on June 19, 2022.

Carol Raye Husband: Who Is Engineer Captain Clark Spencer?

Carol Raye’s first husband was engineer Captain Clark Spencer.

Captain Clark Spencer of the United States Army is a “prominent Winchester and Marblehead sportsman” (Massachusetts, USA).

Carol Raye and Captain Clark Spencer married on November 3, 1945. However, the public is unaware of when the couple divorced. Carol Raye Husband

Captain Clark Spencer is well-known as Carol Raye’s ex-husband, but nothing else is known about him.

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