Carol Raye Dies: How Old Was Carol Raye When She Died?

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Carol Raye Dies

Carol Raye Dies: Carol Raye was a multitalented Australian entertainer who was born in the United Kingdom.

Raye was a film, television, radio, and theatre actor, as well as a comedian, singer, dancer, radio and television producer and director, TV network assistant, and media personality.

Carol Raye Dies: How Old Was Carol Raye When She Died?

Raye began her career as a ballet dancer when she was young, and at the age of sixteen, she was found by choreographer and producer Freddie Carpenter, who continued to instruct her in dance. Carol Raye Dies

Raye’s career spanned seven decades, beginning in the late 1930s as a film and stage actress in the United Kingdom, where she starred in, and frequently danced and sang in, films such as;

  1. Song of Romance and
  2. Strawberry Roan and Waltz Time.
A young Carol Raye, image via: getty images

Raye was best known for co-producing and starring alongside Gordon Chater and Barry Creyton in the legendary TV farce The Mavis Bramston Show.

Raye was also well-known as Baroness Amanda von Pappenburg, a wealthy socialite from Heidelberg, Germany, who visited her nephew Don Finlayson, played by Joe Hasham, on a semi-regular basis in the soap opera Number 96.

Carol Raye died at the age of Raye passed away on June 19, 2022, at the age of 99, just a week after receiving the Order of Australia.


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