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Carol Raye Children: Did Carol Raye Have Children?



Carol Raye Children

Carol Raye Children: Carol Raye was a multitalented Australian entertainer who was born in the United Kingdom.

Raye’s career spanned seven decades, beginning in the late 1930s as a film and stage actress in the United Kingdom, where she starred in, and frequently danced and sang in, films such as;

  1. Song of Romance and
  2. Strawberry Roan and Waltz Time.

Raye then worked in Kenya for a short time before emigrating to Australia, where she rose to prominence in small screen appearances.

Raye died on June 19, 2022, at the age of 99, just a week after receiving the Order of Australia.

Carol Raye Children

Raye was married to Robert Ayre Smith, a well-known veterinarian (1926-2006). Carol Raye has children, right? Raye and Smith had three children, two of whom went on to become actors like their mother.

image via: ANL/Shutterstock

Sally Ayre Smith, Raye’s eldest child, is a former television producer who is best known for her work on the ABC series SeaChange, but she is currently the director of an organic farm food marketing company.

Harriet, Raye’s eldest daughter, began her career at the Sydney Theatre Company office and is also a part-time actor.

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