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Carnival Cruise Ship Man Overboard: Passenger Missing From Carnival Cruise Ship After Midnight Plunge Into Sea



Carnival Cruise Ship Man Overboard

Carnival Cruise Ship Man Overboard: The US Coast Guard is looking for a cruise ship passenger who went overboard in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the Coast Guard, a 32-year-old woman went overboard aboard the Carnival Valor vessel on Wednesday afternoon, around 150 miles off the coast of Southwest Pass, Louisiana.

Carnival Cruise Ship Man Overboard

The cruise left Cozumel, Mexico on Tuesday afternoon, according to WVUE.

A person reportedly went overboard a Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico on Feb. 16.(Viewer Photo)

Despite what some passengers said at the time, a Carnival Cruise Line official confirmed that the visitor leaped from her balcony and was not handcuffed.

She allegedly plunged from the 10th level and collided with the ship’s side before plunging into the lake, according to passengers.

The woman vanished immediately after personnel tossed life preservers and a flare to signal her location, according to passengers.

Carnival’s CARE team is assisting the guest’s spouse, who was traveling with her, as well as her family.

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