Carman Deck Missouri Death Row: What did Carman Deck do?

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Carman Deck Missouri Death Row: Deck was convicted guilty of murdering James and Zelma Long at their De Soto, Missouri house in a manner akin to an execution. In June 1996, Deck and his mother’s boyfriend, Jim Boliek, planned a burglary to assist Boliek fund a trip to Oklahoma.

Carman Deck Missouri Death Row

Deck chose James and Zelma Long, the victims in this case, because he knew the Longs’ grandson and had accompanied him to the Longs’ house in DeSoto, Missouri, where the grandson had taken money from a safe.

The initial intention was to break into the Longs’ home on a Sunday when they were at church. Deck and Boliek travelled to DeSoto several times to canvass the area before the burglary. He urged the Longs to lie on their stomachs on the bed with their faces to the side again throughout the robbery.

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While the Longs pled for their life, Deck stood at the foot of the bed for approximately 10 minutes, trying to figure out what to do. Deck shot again, aiming the rifle at Mr Long’s temple, right above his ear and behind his brow. Deck then pointed the rifle at Mrs Long’s head and fired two shots, one behind the ear and one above it.

On Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022, at 6 p.m., Carman Deck will be killed by lethal injection at the penitentiary in Bonne Terre, Missouri. After Gov. Mike Parson and the United States Supreme Court declined to intervene in Deck’s case, he will be executed. Carman Deck Missouri Death Row

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