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Caleb Swanigan Obituary: How Did Caleb Swanigan Die?



Caleb Swanigan Obituary

Caleb Swanigan Obituary: On June 21, 2022, Caleb Swanigan, a Purdue Boilermaker and NBA player, passed away. His age was 25.

Caleb passed away naturally. His previous squad, Purdue, announced his passing on Twitter.

His biological mother, foster father, and siblings all survived Caleb.

Plans are being made for the late star’s burial.

Caleb Swanigan Career

On June 21, 2022, NBA player Caleb Swanigan, who had previously represented the Purdue Boilermakers, passed away. Age 25 was his.

Natural causes led to Caleb’s death. His previous team, Purdue, sent a message on his passing on Twitter.

Caleb is survived by his original mother, foster father, and siblings.

Plans for the late star’s burial are in the works. Caleb Swanigan Obituary

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Caleb Swanigan Early Life

When he was younger, Caleb was homeless and lived in shelters. Before he passed away, his father had a history of drug usage, and his mother had endured continual domestic violence as a result.

Due to the volatility in his home, Caleb attended 13 different schools before he turned 13.

Roosevelt Barnes, an AAU coach, later adopted him and supported him all the way through high school at Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Homestead High.

Caleb Swanigan Obituary

He won a state championship while playing in high school, earning the distinction of McDonald’s All-American.

He graduated from Purdue after his sophomore year with single-season records for both rebounds and double-doubles.

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