Brendan Khuri Accident: $18.8M Settlement Reached In West LA Lamborghini Crash

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Brendan Khuri Accident

Brendan Khuri Accident: The family of Monique Munoz, who was killed in a collision with a Lamborghini SUV that was speeding through a red light, and the family of Brendan Khuri, the driver, have agreed a $18.8 million settlement.

Monique Munoz was killed on February 17, 2021, when a Lamborghini smashed into her vehicle at nearly 100 mph as she attempted to turn left during rush hour traffic at the intersection of Olympic Boulevard and Overland Avenue. She’d just gotten off work at UCLA Health in Los Angeles and was driving home.

Brendan Khuri Accident

After acknowledging his role in the crash, Brendan Khuri, the 17-year-old son of rich businessman James Khuri, was sentenced to 9 months in a juvenile camp.

Photo credit: ABC7

One of the attorneys defending the Munoz family, Daniel Ghyczy, stated that the case against the Khuris was never about money.

In a statement, Ghyczy stated, “The family overcame countless obstacles from both private insurance companies and the LA District Attorney’s office, and suffered the terrible realities of racism and bias against those from impoverished communities.”

“The family pleaded with the District Attorney’s office to examine this matter, and they met with them dozens of times to lobby for their loved ones.” Brendan Khuri Accident

Brendan Khuri and his father, according to the attorneys, frequently uploaded videos on social media showing themselves racing through Los Angeles’ crowded surface streets, sometimes against each other.

Brendan Khuri had just recently acquired his driver’s license and had already had multiple run-ins with the law, including one that resulted in his Lamborghini SUV being confiscated by the Beverly Hills Police Department, according to his attorneys.

According to tow documents, Brendan’s father returned the SUV to him less than two days later.

According to the Munoz family’s counsel, a restitution hearing scheduled for Wednesday has been postponed until a later date, when the Khuri’s total monetary recovery will be assessed, which might surpass $25 million.

But it was never about the money for the Munoz family; it was always about holding the driver accountable for his conduct. Brendan Khuri Accident

They rallied and protested in the months after Monique’s death, all in the name of “Justice for Monique.”

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