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Bonnie Binion Wedding, Net Worth; Where Is Bonnie Binion Now?



Bonnie Binion Wedding

Bonnie Binion Wedding – Bonnie Binion, is the daughter of TedBinion who acquired a portion of the silver from her father’s vault after his death and subsequent incarceration. She was also a prosecution witness who told private detective Tom Dillard about Sandy’s actions.

benny binion in jail

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Bonnie Binion Wedding

Bonnie Binion has been divorced from Justin Torkildsen since 2008. They had been married for 5.9 years. Bonnie Binion is currently available.

Bonnie Binion Net Worth

After the death of Ted Binion, his daughter Bonnie inherited parts of the $10 million net worth heft left behind. Her actual net worth is not estimated now, but she may be worth millions of dollars.

Where Is Bonnie Binion Now?

There is not much more information available about Bonnie concerning where she is currently and what she does.


Ted Binyan died at 54Credit: CourtTV

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