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Boma and Angel aggressively cuddling under the sheets this morning (video)



Boma and Angel aggr..essively cuddled in the middle of the night while the other housemates went to b e d.

Initially, Boma was with Queen, when he then told Queen and pretended like he was going to sleep in the Head of House Room. He bid her goodnight.

Minutes later, he went back to the red room, in same bed with Angel…

Here’s the video of the moment he ran into b e d with Angel in the red room:


And then moments later in b e d, Boma began to do things to Angel.

Here’s the video below:


It may seem as though the pair may be falling head over heels for each other.. Or maybe they are just attracted to each other in some way.

Recall the other day, Angel had said she only kisses people she wants to have sex with, and she’s kissed Boma twice in the house!

On Friday night, during their Jacuzzi party, the pair could not get their hands off each other.

Boma and Angel – See video below:

Watch Angel And Boma [email protected]

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