Bobby O Jay New Wife: Who Is Kim?

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Bobby O Jay New Wife

Bobby O Jay New Wife: Bobby O’Jay’s wife, Kim Ojayrleda, was a late Memphis DJ.

Bobby O Jay New Wife

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When did Kim Ojayrleda and Bobby O’Jay tie the knot? On June 1, 2020, Kim Ojayrleda married Bobby O’Jay.

Kim Ojayrleda and Bobby O’Jay children together

Are there any children between Kim Ojayrleda and Bobby O’Jay? Bobby O’Jay and Kim Ojayrleda had no children together.

Kim Ojayrleda age

Kim Ojayrleda’s age is unknown. The age of Kim Ojayrleda is unknown.

Bobby O’Jay cause of death

What is the family of Bobby O’Jay saying about his death? The news of Bobby O’Jay’s death comes as a huge shock to his family.

“We’re doing about as well as we can. We just listened to him this morning, and he sounded like he was in great shape. Wanda Thomas, Bobby O’Jay’s niece, remarked, “It’s a process.”

What caused Bobby Ojay’s death? Bobby O’Jay, what happened to him? Bobby O’Jay died on the job. The true cause of death, however, is yet unknown. Radio listeners and his family reported that he began playing music on the phone line at 9 a.m. on the radio.

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