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Bobby East Obituary



Bobby East Obituary

Bobby East Obituary: Bobby East, an American motorsports racer, passed away in Westminster, California, on July 13, 2022.

He was 37 years old and is survived by friends and relatives.

Bobby East Obituary

At a Westminster gas station, Trent William Millsap had repeatedly stabbed Bobby after a heated altercation. Bobby had died as a result.

Trent, 27, has been detained by the police and is being accused of murder.

Bobby had been stabbed in the chest by Trent. Bobby was sent to the hospital right away, but he did not make it.

Photo Credit: Sportscasting

Before the OCFA paramedics came, officers attempted to save his life but were unsuccessful.

According to reports, Trent is suspected of stabbing a different victim at a petrol station before the attack.

Where Is Bobby East From?

From Torrance, California, comes Bobby. He is the offspring of USAC Hall of Fame car constructor Bob East.

Three times, Bobby had won the US Auto Club (USAC) title. Additionally, he has won the SAC Silver Crown championships thrice.

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