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Why Did Bobby Bones Leave American Idol?



Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones, known officially as Bobby Estell, is an American radio and television personality who hosts The Bobby Bones Show. Bobby Brown is a mentor on American Idol and he has featured in a number of reality shows and he is a former winner of Dancing With The Stars.

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Bobby Bones is an alumnus of Henderson State University and he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio and Television. Bobby Bones was a member of the crew that set the Guinness World Record for the “Most hunger relief meals packaged in one hour by a team.”

Bobby Bones
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Why Did Bobby Bones Leave American Idol?

Bobby Bones who is now a full-time mentor on “American Idol” will not be returning to the upcoming season of American Idol due to the fact that he has conflicting schedules.

The period that he needs to work with American Idol has coincided with other programs of equal importance to Bobby Bones and he has decided not to join American Idol.


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