Bob Robbins Net Worth

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Bob Robbins Net Worth: Bob Robbins was a Country Radio Hall of Famer and an Arkansas radio legend. He worked in the radio industry for 34 years.

How Did Bob Robbins Die
Bob Robbins | Credit: KATV

Bob Robbins net worth

What was Bob Robbins’ net worth? What was Bob Robbins’ net worth when he passed away? Bob Robbins’ net worth was unknown, however it was estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Bob Robbins obituary

What became to Bob Robbins? What caused Bob Robbins’ death? What was the reason of Bob Robbins’ death? Bob Robbins passed away due to a heart attack.

Bob Robbins death date

What year did Bob Robbins pass away? On Saturday, May 21, 2022, Bob Robbins was reported deceased. The Little Rock radio station made the announcement.

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Central Arkansas radio veteran and Country Radio Hall of Famer Bob Robbins. Bob was one of a kind because of his love for his listeners, generosity to the community, and passion for country music and the musicians that make it. Please keep his family and the iHeartMedia radio family in your prayers as we grieve his passing.”

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