Biggie brought his relative into the house but got exposed – Pere Egbi voices out observation (Video)

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Pere Egbi, an ex-BBNaija housemate, has humorously claimed that Big Brother brought his son into the “Level Up” house.

The actor revealed this in a tweet, writing that Biggie took his son into the house with the hope that no one would notice.

Pere Egbi voices out observation

He said that because of the diary session, Biggie’s paternity for Adekunle was made public.

The voice similarity between Adekunle and Biggie served as evidence in Pere’s favor.

He wrote:

“Biggie carry e son enter house think say we know go know. Diary session don expose you Biggie. Adekunle na your pikin. We know from his voice. 😂 😂 😂”

Watch a clip from Adekunle and Biggie’s convo in the diary room below:



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