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Maria’s Top 5 Most Embarrassing Big Brother Naija Moments



Big Brother Naija Moments – “Fly Girl,” as she is fondly called by her fans, has been one of the most talked about housemates, winning the hearts of many with her talents and accent, among other attributes that have endeared her to many fans and even celebrities, but that doesn’t mean she has been without embarrassment during her time as a Big Brother Naija housemate.

Big Brother Naija Moments

Throughout her time on the show, Maria has been one of the most decorated BBNaija housemates. The’ Fly girl’ has had a terrific time with BBNaija, from being appointed a deputy head of house by Pere to being the head of house herself.


However, she hasn’t always gotten along with the majority of her housemates, and not everything Maria has done has turned out perfectly. There have been many ups and downs along the journey, as well as many segments and situations she would rather forget. Maria, like any other reality star with a great career, has had some truly terrible moments that her fans will never forget.

Big Brother Naija Moments

5. The Moment She Tossed Her Food

While everyone was dining at the table, Maria and another flatmate were talking about cleaning the house and toilet.


Though she didn’t enjoy the talk because of the repeated mention of “Urine” and “Poo,” she hurled her food into the sink and stomped away from the dining area in anger.

This is embarrassing because Maria squandered her food at a time when the other housemates were often claiming about shortage of food.

4. The Moment she lied in the face of overwhelming evidence

Biggy presented recordings of Maria removing her microphone and asking her love interest, Pere, to do the same during the Monday nomination program. Biggie referred to the rule book after the house saw the footage and sanctioned her and two other housemates for microphone infringement. They were each given a strike and a penalty.


Maria, on the other hand, mentioned to Tega that she can’t recall removing her microphone and requesting Pere to do the same.

But this isn’t the case, as she can be heard telling Pere in a video uploaded online, “I need you to do a favor for me, take it off, take off your mic.”

3. The moment she got into a heated argument with Queen

Queen had requested Maria to go report to Biggie during the dispute between Whitemoney and Pere; however, this culminated in a heated altercation, with both parties hurling insults at each other. This was quite unnecessary.


2. The moment She declined a movie date and referred to the other housemates as “fake.”

Her bestie, Liquirose, who was also the Head of House at that time, had chosen her and three other housemates to join her at the executive lounge, and she not only slammed her, but she also dubbed the other housemates ‘fake’ for putting her up for possible eviction.

This was particularly awkward because she had demanded respect during her time as HOH, and the tone in which she responded was not pleasant, and labeling other people fake, made it even more embarrassing.

1.The Moment she and other housemates slut shamed, Angel

During their time in the executive lounge, she made disparaging remarks about their co-housemate, Angel.


During their time in the executive lounge, Maria, Nini, and Peace made some nasty words about their co-housemate, Angel, which resulted in this unpleasant incident. Maria compared Angels’ attitude to that of a prostitute during the course of the chat.

However, it stirred mixed reactions from fans who were perplexed as to why a follow woman would disparage another lady.

This even got the attention of Angel’s parents who took to social media to air their thoughts.

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