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Bhim Singh Wife: Who Is Jay Mala?



Bhim Singh Wife: Bhim Singh was an Indian politician, activist, lawyer, and novelist who lived from 17 August 1941 until 31 May 2022. He was the founder and Chief Patron of the Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP), a political group located in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir that wants “final revolution.”

Bhim Singh Wife

Photo credit: Tribune news service

While organizing the Jammu student uprisings in 1966, he was assassinated by the senior superintendent of police, and he and his wife Jay Mala went on to create the Panthers Party in 1982. Bhim Singh was the chairman of the Panthers Party for 30 years, until 2012, when he selected his nephew Harsh Dev Singh to take his position.

Who is Jay Mala?

Jaya Mala, the wife of Prof Bhim Singh and a founding member of the Panthers Party, has come out in support of Harsh Dev Singh and given her undivided attention to the former NPP Minister.
Jaya Mala characterized Harsh Dev as the true defender of the people and the lone crusader battling against the current authoritarian dictatorship in a hastily arranged press conference here today.

Jay Mala is an Indian journalist, politician, social activist, and campaigner. She is a Supreme Court of India senior attorney who sued the state of Jammu and Kashmir in a historic case in 1985 for amending India’s tort law. Bhim Singh Wife

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