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BBNaija Level Up: Sheggz and Bella, Groovy and Phyna, 10 Other Ships That Sailed or Sank on the Show



BBNaija Level Up

BBNaija Level Up: When it came to relationships between residents on the show, the BBNaija Level Up season was similar to other ones. Some of these connections developed into “ships,” or relationships that were more than just casual. The show’s viewers are known to be avid shippers, openly displaying their support online.

Before the housemates were finally combined into one, the Level Up show initially had two levels. Ships had already begun to form before that.

However, several ships had sailed, displayed promise, and then sank before the show’s conclusion. BBNaija Level Up

1. Doyin and Cyph:

When the event had barely begun and the two levels had combined for their Saturday Night celebration, Doyin from Level One and Cyph from Level Two made headlines with their hot dancefloor antics. Fans had the impression that they would stay because they had a passionate kiss. Cyph was one of the first roommates to be kicked out of the reality series, though.


2. Doyin and Chizzy, nicknamed Dozzy:

Doyin appeared to discover wonderful companionship in the arms of one of the riders on the show, Chizzy, after her sunken ship with Cyph and her ship with Deji that wouldn’t take off. They became known as Dozzy in the future, and they made for an entertaining TV couple. Despite the fact that Chizzy seemed to want more, Doyin appeared to want to keep things amicable. However, Doyin gave supporters optimism that their ship with Chizzy may sail after she left the show. BBNaija Level Up


3. Daniella and Khalid:

This couple also generated a lot of social media chatter throughout the show. After meeting for about a week, Daniella and Khalid, two Level 2 housemates, instantly captured one other’s attention. They supported one another, and their online trending photos of them cuddling up in bed. Fans believed Daniella would remain “loyal” to their ship after Khalid was swiftly booted off the show, but it was not to be. BBNaija Level Up



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4. Daniella and Dotun:

Following Khalid’s eviction and the level merger, Dotun expressed interest in Daniella, and it didn’t seem like she objected. When Dotun was named the HOH and decided to share his suite with Daniella, things really heated up.

Additionally, they became pretty cozy beneath the covers, and Daniella received a lot of negative feedback online for doing the same with Dotun soon after doing the same with Khalid. Despite their outward demonstrations of affection, Daniella began to distance herself from Dotun, and viewers of the show surmised that she either wasn’t that into him or felt bad for getting so close. BBNaija Level Up



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5. Bryann and Modella:

Bryann and Daniella appeared to develop a romantic relationship immediately away on the show, but little was thereafter seen of them. However, after Modella was introduced to them at their level, the young man appeared to fixate on her.

They were adorable to watch on screen, but when the levels were combined, things took a turn for the worse, and Bryann told Modella that he needed to distance himself from their ship so he could concentrate on the game, things changed. BBNaija Level Up



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6. Giddyfia and Diane:

With their tumultuous relationship, these two level one housemates undoubtedly made many people laugh. Due to their disparity in ages, Diane first had no interest in interacting with Giddyfia; however, she ultimately changed her mind. She commented that “ashewo dey his eye” shortly after appearing to soon regret it.

Additionally, Diane lost it at Giddy’s proximity to Rachel and declared that she would not allow a young child to make her feel uncomfortable after she had degraded herself to be with him. Their ship was blatantly inadequate.



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7. Hermes and Allysyn: Fans were really interested in the Hermes and Allysyn pairing on the show because they thought the two housemates would look amazing together. Hermes, however, has made it clear that he has two girlfriends in the outside world.

Fans are speculating whether Allysyn will be his third babe now that the housemates have both been booted out. Right now, their spacecraft is perched on a fence. BBNaija Level Up


8. Deji and Chichi, also known as Dechi:

Deji was one of the show’s phony housemates, and he grew close to Chichi, a Level One housemate. Many viewers believed that he wasn’t really into her based on his on-camera behavior. On numerous occasions, he was overheard criticizing Chichi to other housemates. Deji, however, put the detractors of beautiful things to shame after leaving the house by acknowledging his affections for Chichi. Their vessel appears to have left port.



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9. Groovy and Beauty:

On the BBNaija Level Up season, this may be one of the most contentious ships. Groovy and Beauty were recognized to have fallen in love right away on the show, but their relationship seemed troubled given that the female star had violent arguments with her beau in a matter of days.

She also angrily abused Groovy on several times because she questioned his devotion and was concerned that he might have feelings for Chomzy, a female housemate. Groovy swiftly switched to Phyna after Beauty was kicked out of the house for being violent. He observed that he owed Beauty no loyalty when he was afterwards questioned by Chomzy and others. BBNaija Level Up


10. Groovy and Phyna, called Groophy:

Groovy received advances from other female housemates soon after Beauty was eliminated. Chomzy thought about giving him a chance, Amaka urged her friend Phyna to assist her in getting him, but Phyna ultimately succeeded in becoming Groovy’s partner on the program. Despite Groovy’s frequent displays of boredom, they were able to maintain their relationship until the end of the show with Phyna’s encouragement.


11. Chomzy and Eloswag:

Chomzy finally reconciled with Eloswag after initially rejecting his approaches and becoming aware of the controversy surrounding Groovy. They were even eliminated simultaneously while still being a couple on the show. On stage, Chomzy declared that they will keep dating. After some time, though, both sides stated that they were only friends. BBNaija Level Up



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12. Bella and Sheggz aka Shella:

This BBNaija Level Up couple is another contentious ship. Fans were aware of Sheggz and Bella’s constant use of abusive language toward his partner, which resulted in a significant amount of online buzz. Some viewers grew tired of their constant arguments and the fact that he had been known to threaten her with marriage.

Sheggz became a more endearing version of himself on the show until his eventual removal, but only when Ebuka brought it to their attention. It was challenging for him to remain outside the house as Bella continued to face accusations of verbal abuse and manipulation. BBNaija Level Up



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