Barry Loudermilk Children: Meet Michael Loudermilk, Christiana Loudermilk, And Travis Loudermilk

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Barry Loudermilk Children

Barry Loudermilk Children: Desiree Loudermilk is Barry Loudermilk’s wife. They have three children together. With their parents’ help, all of their children are doing well and living their best lives.

Barry Loudermilk Children

Photo Credit: The Epoch Times

Barry Loudermilk Children

  • Michael Loudermilk

Barry Loudermilk’s first son is Michael Loudermilk. Michael was appointed to serve Christ Community Church as its senior pastor. At Wayside Chapel in San Antonio, Texas, he served as the College and Singles Director, Mission Pastor, and Associate Pastor.

  • Christiana Loudermilk

Christiana Loudermilk is Barry Loudermilk’s only child. When claims were made against her father, who happens to be an American politician, she became well-known. There isn’t much information on her because she prefers to stay away from the spotlight.

  • Travis Loudermilk

Barry Loudermilk’s last son is Travis Loudermilk. Travis is claimed to be a member of US Representative Phil Gingery’s (R-Marietta) staff.

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