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Audrey Evans Cause of Death



Audrey Evans Cause of Death

Audrey Evans Cause of Death: Audrey Evans, a British-born American pediatric oncologist noted for founding numerous charitable organizations throughout the course of her career, has passed away.

She reportedly passed away in Philadelphia on September 29, 2022, at the age of 97.

Audrey Evans Cause of Death

Audrey Evans Obituary

Audrey Evans
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Evans adopted a holistic approach to care for her patients and aspired to become known as the caring woman. She was regarded as the “Mother of Neuroblastoma” for her contributions to the subject and was also a founding member of the Philadelphia-based St. James School and the original Ronald McDonald House. Audrey Evans Cause of Death

When Evans was 80 years old in 2005, she married Dr. Guilio D’Angio. While they were both employed at Boston Children’s Hospital in 1953, they became friends


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