Ashley Judd Children: Does actress Ashley Judd have any children? Did Ashley Judd want kids?

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Ashley Judd Children

Ashley Judd Children: Ashley Jude does not have any children and has no desire to have any in the future.

Ashley Judd was previously married to Dario Franchitti, a Scottish racing driver who competed in the CART series. They married at Skibo Castle in December 2001 but never had children.

Ashley Judd Children

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Did Ashley Judd want kids?

Ashley Judd has stated that she will not have children in the future. She explained that she realized it was selfish to spend resources and energy on making babies when those same resources and energy could be used to not only help other children, but also to transform the world into a place where no child needs to be born into poverty or abuse again through advocacy and service.

She also stated that she made this decision because she considers the children who live here are already hers.

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