Arlana Miller Suicide: Why Did Arlana Miller Take Her Own Life?

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Arlana Miller Suicide

Arlana Miller Suicide: Late Arlana Miller committed herself because she had struggled with loneliness and depression since she was a teenager, battling loneliness, COVID, tearing her ACL, and nearly failing all of her studies.

Her suicide letter contained devastating details about her apparent struggle with the “desire” to commit suicide since she was a teen.

Arlana Miller Suicide

“I gave this life all the fight I had,” she adds in part. I’m grateful to everyone who has come into my life, and I can only image how this may find you.”

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“To everyone I love, please realize that this is not your fault,” she added.

“I know I’m about to let a lot of people down by what I’m about to do,” Miller wrote. But the reality is, I’ve already disappointed so many people in my life that it’s becoming painful.”

“I’m at ease now…,” she told her mum. In the ocean, where everything is peaceful, I’m at ease.”

Arlana Miller, a freshman cheerleader at Southern University, died unexpectedly at the age of 19 years.

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