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Aoife Beary Cause Of Death



Aoife Beary Cause Of Death

Aoife Beary Cause Of Death – Aoife Beary, the Berkeley balcony collapse survivor has died at age 27. Aoife Beary from Blackrock in Dublin, was left with life-changing injuries after a balcony that she and twelve others were on collapsed on June 16th, 2015.

Aoife Beary Cause Of Death

Aoife Beary and the friends were standing on a balcony when the structure gave way; dropping them 40 feet onto the pavement below. At the time of the tragedy, Aoife Beary was celebrating her 21st birthday in California with a group of friends.

Aoife Beary was studying pharmacology in UCD. After surviving the tragedy, Aoife Beary gave emotional testimony.

Image Credit: Twitter / independent sports

“A traumatic brain injury, open heart surgery, broken hands, pelvis and jaw along with losing all my teeth. I had lacerations in my liver, kidney and spleen.

“I had a collapsed lung and broken ribs. None of this needed to happen. Some of my injuries will be with me for the rest of my life.

“I miss my friends I’ve known since we started school together at four years of age. We grew up together and now my birthday will always be their anniversary.”

Aoife Beary passed away aged 27 in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin on New Year’s Day after suffering a stroke on Wednesday, according to The Irish Times.

She is survived by her parents Mike and Angela, her younger brother Tim, and her younger sister Anna. Aoife Beary Cause Of Death

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