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Annette Brenner Cause Of Death: What Happened To Mike Nussbaum’s Wife?



Annette Brenner Cause Of Death

Annette Brenner Cause Of Death – Mike Nussbaum is an American actor and director who was born Myron G. Nussbaum on December 29, 1923, in Chicago, Illinois, the U.S. to a Jewish family.

Nussbaum kick-started his acting career in community theater in the 1950s. A few years later, he became active in a developing professional theatrical community in Chicago. Whiles in Chicago, he met a young David Mamet, an American playwright, filmmaker, and author.


Mike Nussbaum.
Photo Credit: IMDb

Nussbaum was active in the film industry even at the age of 95. This shows the love he has for the work he does.

Nussbaum married his fiancée, Annette Brenner from 1949 until she died in 2003. The couple has 3 children with Annette Brenner, Jack, Karen, and Susan. After her death, Nussbaum quickly found love in Julie Brudlos. The couple married in 2004.

Annette Brenner Cause Of Death

Mike Nussbaum.
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The actual cause of Annette Brenner’s death has not been made available to the public.


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