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Anna Wahlgren Cause of Death



Anna Wahlgren Cause of Death

Anna Wahlgren Cause of Death: On October 7, 2022, Swedish novelist and public speaker Anna Wahlgren passed away. The public has not been informed of her cause of death.

Barnaboken, which was released in 1983, is Wahlgren’s most well-known piece of writing. She also participated outspokenly in public discussions on parenting, wrote novels, short story collections, poems, a children’s book, and a three-part autobiography.

Anna Wahlgren Cause of Death

With the short story collection En av kvälarna I november (One of the Evenings in November) and the children’s book Burken, Wahlgren made her literary debut in 1968.


Anna Wahlgren PHOTO

Anna Wahlgren
Image: Åke Wehrling/SVT/ The documentary Anna Wahlgren


An author and screenwriter, Felicia Feldt. After releasing her autobiographical book in 2012, Felicia rose to fame. Additionally, she has performed as Felicia Kreuger and Felicia Wahlgren.

Developer of games and apps, Ebbe Linus Feldt also manages a corporation. The Swedish Computer Games Institute was founded by Feldt, who also serves as its chairman.

Feldt and movie producer Anna Knochenhauer are parents to a son who was born in 2008 and a daughter in 2006.

Food writer and cookbook author Eleonora von Essen. She has contributed to numerous journals and, since 2008, has run her own food blog.

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