Anita Dunn Murder In The Heartland: How Did Anita Dunn Die?

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Anita Dunn Murder In The Heartland

Anita Dunn Murder In The Heartland: Anita Babbitt Dunn is an American political strategist who works as a senior advisor to US Vice President Joe Biden. She previously held the position from January 20, 2021, until August 12, 2021, and then returned on May 5, 2022. She formerly worked as the Obama administration’s acting White House Communications Director.

Anita Dunn Murder In The Heartland

Photo source: WSJ

Todd Greathouse, her landlord, and his wife Linda met with Joplin police on May 30, 2016 to ask about Anita’s disappearance. It’s worth noting that Todd stated that he didn’t have to look for Anita until the middle of May.

In fact, after police did a thorough investigation of Anita’s home, Todd pointed out a damaged doorway and speculated that the property had been broken into. It’s worth noting that the police discovered Anita’s missing wallet the day before she was reported missing. It has Webb City’s address on it.

Anita had previously rented the Webb City home from Todd and his wife, according to the report. Todd, on the other hand, did not reveal his relationship with Anita when questioned by authorities.

The police, however, were unsatisfied with Todd’s responses and began searching for the victim’s body in order to prove their case. Following the discovery of Anita’s body, officials realized she had been strangled and increased their attempts to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Investigators looked into the case promptly and learned that Todd confessed to his wife and sister that he murdered Anita. His sister confessed the crime to her priest, who alerted the authorities. Todd was arrested and charged with murder once there was enough evidence to warrant his arrest. Anita Dunn Murder In The Heartland

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