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Angela Scoular Cause Of Death: What Happened To Leslie Phillips’ Wife Angela Scoular?



Angela Scoular Cause Of Death


Angela Scoular Cause Of Death – Angela Margaret Scoular was an English actress and the wife of actor Leslie Phillips. Angela Scoular was born on 8 November 1945, in London, England and died on 11 April 2011, London, England, at age 65.

Angela Scoular Cause Of Death

Angela Scoular died on 11 April 2011 after ingesting acid drain cleaner and pouring it on her body, causing lethal burns to her digestive tract and skin. Weeks before her death, she was arrested for drunk-driving.

Angela Scoular attended St George’s School, Harpenden, Queen’s College, Harley Street and RADA. Angela Scoular was among a small group of actors to have appeared in two James Bond films.


Angela Scoular

Image credit: Twitter/ Zoe’s feather boa

Angela Scoular played Buttercup in the comedy Casino Royale and then two years later made an appearance in the Eon Productions Bond film series playing Ruby in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Angela Scoular had depression and anorexia nervosa. She attempted suicide in 1992. It was revealed in March 2009 that she had colorectal cancer. Angela Scoular was eventually declared cancer-free, but in the months preceding her death she had feared its return.


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