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#BBNaija: Angel to Tega: “I am an ashawo with my full chest but you that got married in the church and here with another man” Abomination! (Watch)



Angel to Tega – After yesterday party, Angel, Tega, Boma and Micheal were all seated near the jacuzzi having conversation.

Angel to Tega

“Well, this below was a play talk but true in some sense though” (viewers opinion).

Angel to Tega

Tega to Angel : “so you have husband”

Angel to Tega : “yes I have husband”

Tega to Angel: “and you are coming to tell me”

Angel to Tega : “even though, everyone knows me that I’m a polygamous woman, but does everybody knows that you are polygamous woman?”

Angel said to Tega: “Everbody knows that I’m an ashawo with my full pride but you, a woman who got married in the church following other men in this house, Abomination!”

Angel to Tega

Watch the remaining conversation below 👇🏽



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