Andy Devine Obituary

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Andy Devine Obituary: Andy Devine was an American character actor most known for his raspy, crackly voice and Western movie performances. In the feature films, he played the character of Cookie, Roy Rogers’ sidekick.

Andy Devine | Credit: Los Angeles Times

Andy Devine Obituary

What year did Andy Devine pass away? What caused Andy Devine’s death? Andy Devine passed away on February 18, 1977, from leukemia.

Andy Devine age at the time of death

When Andy Devine died, how old was he? Andy Devine was 71 years old at the time of his death.

Andy Devine death location

What happened to Andy Devine? Andy Devine passed away in the city of Orange, California, in the United States.

Andy Devine wife

Is it true that Andy Devine was married at the time of his death? Andy Devine was married to Dorothy Divine at the time of his death.

Andy Devine children

Andy Devine had children, but who were they? Before his death, Andy Devine had five children. Deborah Catherin Divine, Denny Divine, Susanna Rachel Divine, Arthur Matthew Divine, and Tad Divine are the members of the Divine family. Andy Devine Obituary

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