Andy Devine Cause Of Death

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Andy Devine Cause Of Death: Andy Devine, who portrayed Shadrach Dingle in Emmerdale, died at the age of 79.

Shadrach was brought to life by Andy Devine, and the down-and-out was a fan favorite on the ITV drama.

Andy Devine, the husband of Faith Dingle and father to Chas Dingle and Gennie Walker, was frequently involved in near-misses on the serial for nearly a decade.

Andy Devine Cause Of Death

Surprisingly, the actor, who was best remembered for his iconic role in the ITV soap, died just five months ago, in January 2020.

However, today’s news of death has gotten a lot of attention (May 30, 2022).

Between 2000 and 2010, Andy, who was born Peter Devine, played the fiery Shadrach on and off.

Andy died on January 27, 2022, according to public documents.

The cause of Devine’s death has yet to be determined.

Since the news of his death broke, tributes have poured in for the late actor.

Andy first appeared on Emmerdale in 2010, when his endearing character was killed off in a heartfelt alcohol abuse storyline.

Andy also appeared in several episodes of Doctor Who’s Frontier in Space as a Draconian Guard, as well as Bernard in Channel 4’s Queer As Folk. Andy Devine Cause Of Death

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