Andrew Symonds tackles streaker

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Andrew Symonds tackles streaker

Andrew Symonds tackles streaker: Andrew Symonds is remembered for his streaker in an ODI against India at the Gabba in 2008.

Andrew Symonds tackles streaker

It happened in the final of the domestic one-day championship, then known as the Mercantile Mutual Cup, in 1996-97. A shirtless fan entered the playing surface and sought to obtain a stamp as the Bulls were conversing on Western Australia at the WACA.

Andrew Symonds
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Symonds, who was on the field, opted to knock out the shirtless intruder before he could pick up the stamp. He lunged at the man and successfully tackled him to the ground.

Because he was intimidated by Symonds, the shirtless man was able to break free and flee the stadium. This incident landed Symonds in hot water with the public.

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