Andrew Symonds shoulder

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Andrew Symonds shoulder

Andrew Symonds shoulder: Andre Symonds’ shoulder charge to the level of a nude streaker during a one-day international at the Gabba in 2008 will live on in the minds of many cricket fans.

Andrew Symonds shoulder

When the nude man went onto the field to play, he was halted and made a beeline for Symonds, who was fighting for Australia.

Andrew Symonds tackles streaker
Andrew Symonds
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As the streaker neared, Symonds slammed his shoulder into the invader, launching him into the air and crashing back to the ground.

In a previous interview, Symonds responded to this by saying:

“We’re definitely bred to be tough in Australia, and we don’t back down.” There is a lot of adrenaline in the heat of competition, and it can be upsetting when someone interrupts the match like that.”

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