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Andrew Symonds First Wife



Andrew Symonds First Wife

Andrew Symonds First Wife: Andrew Symonds was a right-handed batter for Australia in international cricket. Andrew Symonds has played for Queensland, Gloucestershire, Kent, Lancashire, Deccan Chargers, Surrey, and the Mumbai Indians, among others.

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Andrew Symonds married Brooke Symonds and then Laura Symonds on two times.

Andrew Symonds First Wife

Andrew Symonds was married to Brooke Symonds, a stunning woman. Despite the fact that they did not live together for long, Brooke Symonds has been a strong supporter of Andrew Symonds’ predicament.

Brooke Symonds and Andrew Symonds
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Brooke Symonds and Andrew Symonds’ marriage did not withstand the test of time, and they separated in 2005 after walking down the aisle in 2004. Brooke Marshall was her name before she married Brooke Symonds.

Despite the fact that Brooke Symonds and Andrew Symonds formally divorced, they remained excellent friends. Brooke Symonds has been saddened by the news of Andrew Symonds’ death and those of his fans.

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