Amber Heard Arrested?

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Amber Heard Arrested

Amber Heard Arrested: Amber Heard was detained by officer Beverly Leonard in 2009 after an alleged fight with her former lover Tasya van Ree at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Heard allegedly grasped and hit van Ree’s arm at the moment, causing actual property damage… During the scuffle, Tasya’s pendant was broken, and Tasya was furious with Amber for the supposed attack.

There is presently no information about Leonard’s whereabouts. However, when Tasya accused her of being “homophobic” and “misogynistic” in 2016, the former cop defended herself.

Tasya Van Ree and Amber Heard Image Credit: The Mirror

In June 2016, the 45-year-old painter and photographer went out about the incident, saying, “In 2009, Amber was wrongly charged for an incident that was misconstrued and over-sensationalized by two individuals in a position of authority.”

Amber Heard Arrested

Heard and Depp are now involved in a legal battle in Virginia after the actor sued his ex-wife for publishing an op-ed for The Washington Post in 2018 in which she claimed to be a domestic abuse survivor. Amber Heard Arrested

In the post, headed “I spoke up against sexual violence — and suffered our culture’s wrath,” she says, “I spoke out against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s anger.” “Like many women, I had been harassed and sexually abused by the time I was of college age,” Heard had written.

But I remained silent since I didn’t expect submitting complaints to result in justice. I didn’t think of myself as a victim, either. Then, two years ago, I became a prominent figure who spoke out against domestic abuse, and I experienced the full power of our culture’s fury towards women who speak up.”

Despite the fact that the ‘London Fields’ actress did not mention Depp in her essay, his legal team claimed the op-ed was only about him and sued her for $50 million. Amber Heard Arrested

Heard retaliated by filing a lawsuit against the ’21 Jump Street’ star, seeking $100 million in damages.

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