Amanda Aldridge Ethnicity And Nationality

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Amanda Aldridge Ethnicity And Nationality

Amanda Aldridge Ethnicity: the late famed vocalist, was a British national with African American ancestry. She has Swedish and Caucasian ancestors.

After a brief illness, Amanda died on March 9, 1956, at the age of 89. Her 90th birthday was only a day away.

Today, Google honors her with a doodle in honor of her uplifting songs and orchestral works written under the alias Montague Ring.

Life Of Amanda Aldridge

Following a throat ailment, Amanda worked as a concert singer and later as a vocal teacher.

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Between 1907 and 1925, she released thirty songs in various styles.

Roland Hayes, Lawrence Benjamin Brown, Marian Anderson, and Paul Robeson were among her students who went on to become famous musicians.

Muriel Smith sang Montague Ring’s “Little Southern Love Song” on the show Music For You, where Amanda made her television debut.

Memoirs Of Amanda Aldridge

In one of the editions of ‘The Historian’ in 2020, Stephen Bourne wrote a feature titled “At home with Amanda Ira Aldridge.”

Bourne also penned an article in honor of the late vocalist for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Amanda Aldridge Ethnicity

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