Allysyn BBNaija Biography And Housemate Profile| BBN Pictures, Age, State, Occupation, Full Name

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Allysyn BBNaija Biography And Housemate Profile: Allysyn identifies as a creative klutz who loves meeting new people. When she is not hard at work as a Sales and Marketing executive, she enjoys crafting her own lip gloss, modeling, hanging out with friends, and watching movies.

Allysyn BBNaija Biography And Housemate Profile

Allysyn views herself as a devoted friend, and she anticipates the same loyalty from those who are closest to her. Allysyn is in a relationship right now and loves how being in a relationship allows her to view herself in new ways every day. She is a major admirer of love.

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Allysyn Age

How old is Allysyn? Allysyn is 25 years old.

Allysyn State

The State Allysyn comes from is unknown.

Allysyn Occupation

Allysyn is a Model.

Allysyn Full Name

Allysyn’s full name is Osy Allysyn Audu.

Allysyn BBNaija Profile

Full Name Osy Allysyn Audu
Stage Name Allysyn
Sex Female
Age 25
Occupation Model
Marital Status Single

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