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Allison Wardle Age, Measurements, Husband, Wedding And Net Worth



Allison Wardle

Allison Wardle: Fame in one’s industry is beneficial as it ensures you have a flow of business. On the other end, being famous draws unnecessary attention and scrutiny. For some people, being in the limelight is not something they like. One such individual is Allison Wardle. So, what is there to know about Allison Wardle?

Who is Allison Wardle? Allison Wardle, who was not accustomed to fame, all over sudden became famous after her marriage to Graham Wardle. There is so much information about Graham Wardle, but most people know nothing about his wife. Here are some quick facts about Allison Wardle’s life that you need to know.

 Allison Wardle profile summary

Full name: Allison Wardle

Marital Status: Married

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: Canadian

Interest: Photography

Famous for: Being a celebrity’s spouse

Allison Wardle biography

Allison Wardle is the lovely wife of Canadian star, Graham Wardle. Despite being married to a celebrity, the private, gorgeous lady has managed to maintain a low-key lifestyle. Interesting enough, she has no social media account. The gorgeous celebrity wife, who is of Caucasian ethnicity, was born in Canada. Due to her private nature, not much is known about her parents, siblings, or early background.

Allison Wardle’s age

Even though no one knows her exact date of birth, it is estimated that she could be in her mid or late thirties.

Allison Wardle height and weight

How tall is Allison Wardle? Mrs. Wardle’s height could be around 5 3′ since Graham is 5 5′, and she is a bit shorter than him. Not much about her body measurements and weight is known. From Allison images online, it is for a fact that she has a fair complexion with blue eyes and blonde hair that makes it hard not to notice her. Besides, she has a pretty smile that enlightens her personality.

Allison Wardle net worth

Even though Mrs. Wardle is yet to reveal what her career is, we know that she loves photography. During an interview, her husband explained that she is gifted and has a keen eye for photography. Mr. Graham even shares some of her works on his social media account from time to time.

All we know is that she earns her money through photography, but it is hard to figure out her exact net worth. However, Allison Wardle’s husband’s net worth is estimated at $3 million. His main source of wealth comes from his acting jobs, ads, and commercials.

Graham Wardle and Allison Wardle


Image:, @Mary Aurand Source: UGC

Presently, Allison is enjoying a blissful married life with her spouse Graham Wardle. For those who are not conversant, Graham Wardle is a renowned Canadian entertainer who works as an actor, film producer, director, and writer.

Graham is popularly known for his character as Ty Borden in the CBC series Heartland. Moreover, Graham was featured in movies like Supernatural (2005) and In Women’s Land (2007). Besides this, Mr. Graham has produced works like Vessels with Friends and Capilano Alumni. As Graham Wardle’s spouse, Allison enjoys the same respect and adoration as her husband.

Graham Wardle and Amber Marshall have amazing onscreen chemistry, and for the longest time, fans have been suggesting that the two should date. However, this is impossible as both of them are happily married to other people in their real lives. Graham is married to Allison while Amber exchanged her marital vows with Shawn Turner.

Graham Wardle marriage to Allison


Image:, @Colleen Mackay Source: UGC

The couple wedded sometime back in April 2015. Despite having celebrity status, Allison’s wedding ceremony was closed off for only for close friends and family. The two never shared information on how or when they met, but one thing is evident that the two are enjoying their time together.

Allison supports her husband’s career as she has been seen on numerous occasions hand in hand with him at some public events and awards galas. Nevertheless, she still does not want to be on the limelight, which explains why there is little information about her online.

Many recognize Allison  as the wife of a celebrity; hence, the reason she is famous. This does not mean she is not a well-known individual as she might be. However, due to her private nature, we are not in a position to stream that factor. We hope that the article has shed some light on Allison’s personality.

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