Alexis Rodman Biography; Net Worth, Age, Height, Husband And Siblings Of Dennis Rodman’s Daughter

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Alexis Rodman Biography

Alexis Rodman Biography: Dennis Rodman’s daughter Alexis is a former basketball player. He was born in the United States in 1988.

Alexis Rodman Biography

At a club, Alexis’ parents first got to know one another. After that, in 1987, they began dating. However, after a relationship that was poisoned by infidelity and abuse allegations, they called it quits. The union crumbled after 82 days.

Alexis’s early life was significantly impacted by the difficulties her parents encountered during the wedding. She began to feel a great deal of rage as a result of this. She also received a portion of anger management counseling as a result of this behavior. Alexis Rodman Biography

Aexis Rodman Photo Credit: Starsgab

Alexis Rodman Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Alexis Rodman is $200,000.

Alexis Rodman Age

In 1988, Alexis Rodman was born.


The height of Alexis Rodman is 5 feet 10 inches.

Alexis Rodman Parents

Alexis Rodman is the child of adult model Annie and professional basketball player Dennis Rodman, who is recognized for his defensive and rebounding skills.


Although Alexis Rodman is married, we don’t know who her husband is. Vincent, a son of the couple, was born in 2017.

Siblings Of Dennis Rodman’s Daughter

Trinity and D.J. Rodman are Alexis Rodman’s two siblings.

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