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Alexandru Arsinel Wife: Who is Marilena Arșinel?



Alexandru Arsinel Wife

Alexandru Arsinel Wife: Bogdan Arsinel and Christian Arsinel are two of Alexandru Arsinel’s offspring from his marriage to Marilena Arsinel. In contrast to their father, little is known about them.

Actor and comedian Alexandru Arsinel was from Romania. In Romania’s Kingdon of Dolhasca, Alexandru was born.

Alexandru Arsinel Wife

Alexandru Arsinel Obituary

Alexandru Arsinel
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In movies like Cine e Didina, Alexandru was well recognized for his on-screen collaboration with Stela Popescu (1972).

Disney Pixar hired the actor in 2006 and 2011 to voice the Sheriff in the animated film Cars in Romanian.

On September 29, 2022, Alexandru passed away. His reason of death is a mystery.

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