Adibah Noor Passed Away: What Happened To Adibah Noor?

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Adibah Noor Passed Away: Adibah Noor, a Malaysian singer and actress, died after a protracted fight with cervical cancer. She was 51 years old at the time.

At Gleneagles Hospital, Noor passed away.

Adibah Noor Passed Away: What Happened To Adibah Noor?

Her death was announced by her peers in the entertainment industry, who kept her health condition discreet and away from the press.

Datin Emylia Rosnaida Abdul Hamid, for example, had resorted to social media to write:

She explained, “She told us not to disclose that she was in pain.”

“She began getting fevers off and on after the conclusion of GV and soon before the shooting of the GV Raya edition, and she was warded for a long period.”

Photo Credit: The Sun Daily

“I was perplexed as to why she was taking so long to be discharged. We suspected it was due to Covid-19, but it wasn’t until I asked her directly that she revealed she had cancer and had recently undergone surgery.

“She was recovering and didn’t accept all of the shows that were offered to her,” she explained.

Noor is well known for her hit song ‘Terlalu Istimewa,’ which she wrote in response to the pedophilia-related murder of a young girl.

She had starred in the films ‘Sepet’ and ‘Mukhsin,’ as well as a number of television commercials.

Noor has also won accolades for singing and acting from well-known platforms. Adibah Noor Passed Away

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