Ademola Okulaja Children: Does Ademola Okulaja Have Kids?

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Ademola Okulaja Children

Ademola Okulaja Children: Ademola Okulaja and his wife, Michaela Oretha Okulaja, have two sons together. Adeisaiya Okulaja and Adenoah Okulaja were their names.

Ademola and his wife have managed to keep their children out of the spotlight, so nothing is known about them.

Ademola Okulaja Children

Ademola Okulaja Wife
Ademola Michaela and husband
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Michaela Oretha Okulaja was Ademola’s wife. Until Ademola’s untimely death, the pair had been married for years.

Michaela was an interior designer who ran her own business. She was recognized as a dedicated wife who stood by her man till his death. She is German and resided in Berlin with her spouse.

Ademola Okulaja died on May 17, 2022, according to reports. Although the exact reason of his death is unknown, he had been battling cancer for years, forcing him to withdraw from basketball.

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