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Actress Tumbles to the Ground While Acting on Set, Solicits for Prayers from Fans as Video Goes Viral





Actress Tumbles to the Ground: An actress has solicited prayers from her followers while sharing a video of her recent experience on set The viral video showed the young woman acting in a scene when she suddenly tripped and fell to the ground Social media users have penned down comments about the video with several people laughing over the clip.

A young actress, @sarahchuks1z, has shared a video showing the moment she fell on set.

The beautiful lady dressed in a long red gown was acting a scene when she suddenly fell to the floor.

She never expected it to happen and she begged netizens to pray for her as she’s been experiencing waist pain.

“The moment I fell and injured on set. Pray for my waist”, the lady appealed to fans.

Social media reactions

While some people found the video funny due to the manner the lady fell, some others wanted to know if she was doing fine.

@ayenidayo said:

“You poured away! Not fell.”

@antoniorolle6446 stated:

“Help her she’s to sweet to get hurt I can’t take it beautiful.”

@jkayla38 commented:

“I feel your pain. Mine ended me in the hospital two weeks ago and am still recovering.”

@wellingtonngoshi8 added:

“Camera man or camera woman come to the office and take the camera stand.”

@ify_nj wrote:

“Bia madam Sarah, if you break this nyash eh, me and you go get problem oh.”

@fellowmeg reacted

“When u being scared at the village ur Shooting from, and u get this u will just felt in ur soul that yes they had caught me today.”

@gamerboy16740 stated:

“Hey this not laughing matter, she’s injured and you’re laughing.”

@awydgal remarked:

“Lolz add that sound weee or the other one ” the thing goes skrrr. Sorry.” Actress Tumbles to the Ground

Watch the video below:



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