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“They said I would die in the next seven days” Actress Shebaby cries for help over threats from masquerade worshippers (video)



Actress Shebaby

Actress Shebaby – Nollywood actress, Oluwaseyi Ariyo better known as Shebaby, has taken to social media to cry out over death threats she has been receiving from some masquerade worshippers.

she baby

Actress Shebaby in a video shared on her Instagram page revealed she shot a movie with the Egungun masquerade, and some people took photos from the set and shared it on Facebook.

However, the masquerade devotees expressed their displeasure over the act and vowed to kill her within the next seven days.

Shebabay who pleaded Nigerians to come to her aid, noted that she would never look down on any culture as the movie was produced to enlighten people on religious realities.

In her words,

“I would never look down on our heritage and rich culture. The movie Asiri Pepe was produced to enlighten people on religious realities beyond the altar and in fact, the impact of looking down on the African religion.

When Asiri Pepe finally hits the screen you’d see for yourself that it is not a movie that was produced to disregard the African Heritage.”

Actress Shebaby cries for help – Watch video below



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