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Actress Ayo Adesanya Opens Up On Dating Men In Nollywood Industry



ayo adesanya

During an interview with the Vanguard, Actress Ayo Adesanya kicked against the concept or idea that two celebrities or public figures should be together.

According to the voluptuous script interpreter, when two celebrities date each other a clash of egos is imminent and their private lives will always end up in the public domain through the media, hence her decision never to date a man from the entertainment industry.

Sighted on Kemi Filani news, Actress Ayo Adesanya said:

“I’ve never dated anyone in the industry; my baby’s father was not in the industry when I met him. I actually brought him into the industry so it’s not as if I met him in the industry.

I don’t like dating people in my industry. I don’t believe two famous people should be together because there will be clashes of ego and their lives would be on the centre page of the newspapers. 

For my job or for my showbiz life, publicity is good but for my private life, I love to keep it really private. I don’t think two celebrities should be married to each other, it is always very tedious,” 

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