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Does Action Park still exist?



Action Park

Action Park was an amusement and water park located in Vernon Township, New Jersey, United States, on the grounds of the Vernon Valley/ Great ski resort.

In 1976, Gene Mulvihill and his company, Great American Recreation (GAR), wanted to make money during the summer off-season. Following the example of ski areas, they opened a 2,700-foot-long (820m) alpine slide down one of the steep ski trails.

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For the summer of 1978, Mulvihill added two water slides and a go-kart track, and named the collection of rides the “Vernon Valley Summer Park”. Action Park was formally opened on July 4 of that year, with two opening day promotions: a Dolly Parton look-alike contest and a tobacco juice-squitting contest.

Does Action Park still exist?

The park was finally closed in 1997 after Mulvihill’s company, Great American Recreation declared bankruptcy. Then in 2010, another company bought the area: Crystal Golf Resort, which, as it turns out, was opened by Mulvihill.

Action Park never reopened before Mulvihill’s death in 2012.

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